Lucky Girl Feet

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Welcome to, I would love to invite you to worship my feet. I never knew the power of the female foot had until one day I caught a man staring at my feet in the check-out line at the store; I asked him, "What are you doing?" He told me he would do anything to worship my feet. "Worship, what on earth do you mean?" He asked if he could lick my soles. As shocked as I was it some how excited it made me.

I soon realized everywhere I went there were people secretly looking at my feet. I'm sure they were conjuring up all kinds of dirty thoughts about them! This was definitely something I was not used to, being raised in a proper Irish home. After I dated a few foot boys I started to understand the control my feet had on them. The need for my feet to be worshiped by a submissive slave has brought me to this conclusion!

Be one of the lucky foot slaves that will fulfill my fantasies as well as your own. Tell me your fantasies and let me make them cum true.

Sexy Poses, Wrinkled Soles
Long Flexible Toes,
Foot Dexterity, Dirty Feet, Feet with food.
Pedal Pumping.

Worship the feet of Irish Doll.

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